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the ankles are just a bit too wide, and the breast are a bit too large. the hair doesn't seem attached to the head- which could be fixe...

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  Some people just have all the luck, not this mech. When dancing with a spider you have to be careful not to get bit. But when you’re dancing with a bounty hunter you have to make sure not to follow him home lest you wake up without an arm or leg. It seemed that's what she wanted-for some reason.  But he wasn't some mom and pop store that accepted favors, what was she at? She leaned forward into his AR, he flicked her away with his neck spikes and just scowled at her. She returned the look,

“ I'm guessing you don't take favors.”
“ no one ever keeps them, they either lie about keeping it or they get killed by someone else.”
“ All right, name your price.”
“ Depends.”
“ On what?”
“ Who’s the target?”
“ An engineer named Bulkhead, don't know his location but I need him online.”
he growled at himself “ I don't know if I can do online, would mortally wounded work for you?”
“ Don't flatter yourself. If you can't do it there’s always the newbies.”
“ I was kidding, kidnapped and incapacitated- that's what you want isn't it? Cause it'll cost you 70 million.”
“ Seems a little steep.”
“ I could change the price drastically if you let me keep some trophies. Is an arm too much to ask for?”
“ Yes actually, you can keep his weapons and vehicular armor. Nothing more.”
“ Not even an optic?”
“ Take it or leave it.”
“ Well that would bring your cost down to 70 thousand, I just really love my trophies you know?”
“ you and every other mech in the universe.”
Lockdown threw his head back and laughed loudly “ Such wise words for a techno-organic mutant like yourself.”
“ I'm getting bored of dancing with an old mech like you.”
     “Old!?” she twirled out his reach and picked up a young two-wheeler at the bar. Lockdown had no choice but to follow after her. He hunkered down on the stool next to her “ We aren't finished, you and I. We still have to talk about the specifics, where to drop him, special instructions, due date, witnesses or no. Things like that.” the two wheeler leaned forwards, his gold trim reflected the red glow of his optics. “You're Lockdown!”“ Really I had no idea. Now listen here you mutant- what do you want?” she put her head in her servos “ No witnesses, get him tomorrow, further instruction will be given once you have him. Here's my info.” she handed him a data card. She stood up and walked out of the bar.
     The two-wheeler just sat there with his jaw slack. “What? Oh right, I'm Lockdown. Best bounty hunter in the galaxy.” “More like best in the universe, this is… insane!”
“listen here kid, you seem cool so I'm going to give some advice; aft sucking gets you nowhere, so just chill out. Just pretend like you already know me, it'll boost your status.”
“Okay. So, what have you been up to lately?”
Lockdown picked up Blackarachnia's drink. “Drinking...” he took a sip of her drink “slag, I've been drinking slag.”
“Sounds like fun.”
“ It's a living. What's your name kid?”
“Prowler, it sounds kind of stupid though.”
“Not as stupid as the guy who decided that making a techno-organic was a good idea.”
“You really hate that femme don't you?”
“and you don't? I mean just look at that freak, you aren't blind are you?”
“ no but I was taught not to judge people based on their appearance.”
“ Who taught you that?”
“Master Yoketron.”
“Oh, no way. He was my master too! Did you hear what happened to him?”
“I saw it with my own optics.” Lockdown spit out the drink he'd stolen from the guy next to him “ Did you uh… see the bot that did it?” he chuckled nervously.
“No, but when I found out who did it I'm going to personally defrag his hardware.”
“Well, uh whoever it was sent me Yoketron’s helmet. The sick scraplette.”
“You have his helmet!?”
“ Yeah, in kind of a sick and twisted way I'm glad they gave it to me. I was rather fond of it.”
“ what about the bot himself?”
“ Mm, not a fan. Good guy but he was really strict I respected him. Didn't like him though.”
“hmm. When were you his student?”
“all right, honestly I'm a pretty old mech; been around since the great war and I trained with Yoketron long before the war started. I was one of his earlier students.”
“ you're nearly as old as ratchet.”
“ wait, who?”
“Oh I have a friend named ratchet.”
“Is he a doctor with ahh..” Lockdown gestured to his chin “blue..?”
“Oh yes that's him. How do you know him?”
“ahh, we met during the war, once. We kinda had a fight, I'm the one who busted his chevron y’know.”
“ well that's besides the point, what was with you and that spider-femme?”
“Business. She's paying me to kidnap some bot, wanna get ‘'im with me? It could be fun.”
“Sure, do you know where we can find him?”
“Yeah, he's a government funded engineer. Those guys are on file, c’mon” Lockdown stood and Prowler followed, oblivious.


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be prepped up and ready for robots sketches and satire. i really like robots my dude so yeah. i do requests for now just drop a note.


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