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the ankles are just a bit too wide, and the breast are a bit too large. the hair doesn't seem attached to the head- which could be fixe...

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The moon began to rise outside the research center. As usual, Bulkhead was the last one there. He always had to clean up the labs at the end of the day because the projects were so high up the chain that they didn't hire janitors for fear of information getting out. Just as the door was shutting behind him, his comm buzzed.

“Bulkhead, how are you? It’s me.” It was Prowler. “PROWL!? Where in the name of the allspark have you been? It's been deca-cycles since you called!”

“I’ve been...busy. Where are you?”

“I’m still at work, but you can't visit you know. If you want to hang out or something I could meet you at Maccadam’s.”

“Ok, maybe tomorrow, or next week… See you.” the line went dead on Bulkhead. “Well that was rude.” he said to himself.

 “So, where is he?”

“First off, why do you want to know?”

Lockdown inclined his neck down to face the mech, “well it’s not to kill him if that's what you're worried about, a client wants to schedule an appointment with your buddy and I was paid to accommodate. Happy? Now I'm going to need his location.”

Prowler sighed and blurted out “He’s on his way home from work.” Lockdown spaced out to read his HUD, mumbling about “the fastest route” as he did so. Prowler thought he looked like a crazy old engine block. Lockdown snatched Prowler’s arm and shot down the street. Prolwer hated to drive down standard-mode only streets, but when an intergalactically wanted killer tells you to break a traffic law you comply without hesitation. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Lockdown skidded out onto the main road Prowler following close behind as he darted in and out of lanes. He shredded a few treads on neighboring drivers with the spikes that covered his alt. “So they weren't just for decoration” Prowler thought to himself. “Get your ninja-aft up here!” Prowler accelerated up to him throwing off a few late night commuters in the procces.

“What does this mech look like?”


“ You know, tank-alt? Two-wheeler? Cruiser?” “Green tanker.”

“Good.” Prowler directed his attention forward and saw it. The giant green aft of Bulkhead. Space bridge engineer extraordinaire.

“Oh.” Prowler moaned. “What now?”

 Lockdown didn't say anything but just cruised on up behind the behemoth. All Prowler could do was follow. Traffic tried to merge a few time but Lockdown would just tailgate right behind him. “Hey uh… what are you doing?” Bulkhead had finally acknowledged the stalker on the street behind him, but he just kept quiet. Bulkhead turned off into a residential area and switched back to standard mode, Lockdown just cruised in behind him. Still in alt mode. “Don’t transform.” he said. Prowler flanked his old friend, still in alt-mode. “What do you want from me? Money? I have money, not a lot but take it.”

“I don't need your money, I need you to follow me and my partner here to somewhere a bit more private.”


“SHUT UP. He’ll recognise your voice, just whisper into the comm.”

“ there are camera’s and witnesses everywhere. Maybe if I transform and pretend that it was all a prank, then we can take him to your ship and say we’re going to a bar on another planet for a party that another friend is hosting.”

“ sounds like a plan.” Lockdown stated loudly. He transformed and stepped towards the frightened engineer. Bulkhead took a step back’ Lockdown sneered. “Surprise!” he pointed behind Bulkhead at Prowler. Prowler transformed and held out his arms for an embrace. “Prowl!? What is going on here?” Prowler played the part and began to laugh heartily. “Ha ha ha, oh the look on your face, rich.”

“Wow, Prowl. You’ve really changed. A prank is more Bumblebee's thing.”

“It was actually my friend’s idea.”

“Oh,the scary one?”

“Do you see anyone else?” Lockdown growled. Bulkhead jumped.

“Don’t do that. Please. Who are you anyway? Lock-something, right?”

“Locktop, good to meet you.” He held out his hook, took it back and held out his servo. Bulkhead shook it, tentatively.

“So, uh what prompted this impromptu prank?”

Prowler walked around bulkhead to face him, “Optimus invited us to get a drink with him at ‘the blue comet’ he said his friends are having a party. It's in nebulous 3 so brought Locktop along to give us a ride. You up for it?”

“ well, it was a long day at work. And I don't have to be in until after lunch tomorrow. I guess it couldn't hurt.”

“Nice, c'mon the ship isn't too far.”

      When they arrived at the ship bulkhead started to ask questions. “So how did you guys meet?”

Lockdown chuckled, “ we were at a bar and this guy here bailed me out of an awkward date with a young freak. Oh, Prowl, could you go check the trophy room? I seem to have left my keys somewhere.”

Prowler slumped out of the room.

“Nice ship, customized?”

“Yeah, I call her ‘death’s head’. Hey wanna see my EMP generator?” but before bulkhead could respond he was out like a light

“Okay Prowler, now help me drag him in there. This bot is heavy.”


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be prepped up and ready for robots sketches and satire. i really like robots my dude so yeah. i do requests for now just drop a note.


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